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MPC at Winterfest 2023

Cup Cakes.jpg

The Mono Pickleball Club (MPC) participated in their first big fundraiser

at the Town of Mono’s annual Winterfest on Sunday, February 5th. The MPC provided the food for this winter activity day. Outside people could skate, try cross-country skiing or snowshoeing, go tobogganing, participate in an obstacle course, go on a horse drawn wagon ride, roast a marshmallow over a fire and drink a hot apple cider and chat with Mayor Creelman and the local MPP Sylvia Jones.


Inside many community groups set up displays and shared information with visitors to Winterfest. Beth, Alex and Pam from our club welcomed people to the Mono Pickleball table.  Beth said, “I enjoyed my first Winterfest with the pickleball club. Alex and I had many interested people drop by. We were explaining the game. The Mayor of the Town of Mono came by. We explained the game to him. He mentioned when the courts are done he will come and cut the ribbon. Beth added, “After you will have to try and play.”


Kathleen, Helen, Mary-Ann, Anne and Sally bought food and prepared meat and vegetarian chili and baked cookies in the kitchen at the community centre in advance. During Winterfest, Bob barbecued meat and vegetarian hot dogs. Wendy, Helen and Mary-Ann served the hot food. Jim collected money in the kitchen.


At the twoonie table, Krystina served hot drinks, Judy served sweet treats and Joanne collected money. Sally helped with customer service in front of the kitchen and Malcolm came out and supported us.


We sold out of food and collected over $1000 – Awesome!


A huge thank you goes out to all of the wonderful volunteers who supported this fundraising event!

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