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Items for use - Extra or updates to come

If you are joining us for level play as indicated in the chart, please consider reading this article:
(click to download pdf)
  1. You must join Pickleball Canada. Do this:
    - Click <
    here > for Pickleball Canada 
    - Select "Ontario" from the dropdown menu - NEXT
    - Select "Mono Pickleball Club" - NEXT
    - Complete the application form and payment. 
    - Make note of your membership number.
  2. Download the Mono Pickleball Registration and Waiver form by clicking the PDF image in the next section.
  3. Complete the two page form and submit to    <
    OR print and bring to the courts during playing times.
  4. Submit the $10 registration fee for the Mono Pickleball Club via eTransfer to:
    < >

  5. NOTE: Guests must sign a liability waiver and pay a guest fee of $5/visit.

Screen Shot 2022-09-10 at 8.49.14 AM.png
Mono College Park
(Cardinal Woods)
8 Hawthorne Road, Mono, ON
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