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Constitution and By-laws
Policies and Procedures
MPC is governed by the Policies and Procedures of Pickleball Canada and Pickleball Ontario.

In addition, the following Policies and Procedures are specific to the Mono Pickleball Club members.

(Policies that are not linked are under development or revision as of March 2024.)

Code of Conduct 

Complaint and Conflict Resolution Procedure
Court Etiquette

Skills Assessment Procedure (See Membership Policy Article 4 and IPTPA Skills checklists)
Guest Policy
(Dufferin County residents can contact the Town of Mono to acquire a season pass to access the courts during  non-MPC hours.)
      Guest Liability Waiver  

IPTPA Skills Checklist

The following is a reminder of the MPC Membership Policy Article 4:

All new members, regardless of previous experience, will be considered to be a “Beginner/Novice” player (1.0 - 2.0) until they have demonstrated a minimum of IPTPA 2.5 (Early Intermediate). The MPC Skill Assessment Procedure and accompanying IPTPA Skills Checklists will be utilized for members to demonstrate their skills.

The policy and assessment procedure can be found < here > as well as the IPTPA Criteria and Checklists.

How does this impact you?

You will be playing on the beginner/novice court(s) until you have been assessed at a different level.

What should you do next if you wish to play at a different level?

  1. Using the IPTPA checklists, identify your level as close and as honestly as possible.

  2. If you choose to proceed to a different level, request an observation of your play by one of MPC’s certified coaches by completing the registration available < here >.

  3. Registrants will also be sent a Self-Evaluation form which must be submitted before an assessment can be scheduled.  You will be contacted when court time is available for this assessment.

  4. If deemed appropriate, a formal assessment based on an IPTPA checklist and corresponding on-court play will be scheduled.

  5. If you would like to join a clinic to learn/perfect skills, you can sign up to do so by clicking < here >.

Note: Over 75% of 2.5 and 3.0 assessed skills involve play at or near the NVZ line and include dinks, volleys and drops. In addition, 3.0 players require the ability to execute drop shots from the transition zone and baseline during play. 
One of the major components of the assessment is consistency of shots.

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